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Other realities of
material Journeys



A tactile audio-guide that uses virtual reality software to reflect on ones own scale, the institutional use of such softwares and the material volume of big museum-, archive- and art history-collections.

The project is made in collaboration with architect and researcher Philip Langley and together with constant wzv - association of art and media.


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deep-dive of Lesbian,
activist herstory



mapping and tracing political lesbian activities, spaces, protests and lives from a regional, situated perspective. Collecting ephemera from history made by lesbians rather than history that has happened to lesbians, and from people in the community who have found ways to think of traces, manifestations, spaces, recordings and archiving.

1. Together with Jessica gysel, Loraine Furter and girls heart brussels I will be developing an exhibition in form of a patchwork from Brussels' massive but inconspicuous activist lesbian herstory.

2. Together with Girls Like us I will develop an installation 'volume' of site-specific historical traces adapted to the traveling lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters at Kunsthalle Bern.




undoing (sculpture)
as a service



A series of motorised molds that repeatedly contract around slow-recovery memory foam, to re- re- and re-create sculptures that persistently fade away as the foam restores its original shape.

The series will be made in connection to a digital collection of images that have been meticulously organised.

"This has everything to do with
the fact that leaving too much of a trace has often meant that the queer
subject has left herself open for attack. Instead of being clearly available
as visible evidence, queerness has instead existed as innuendo, gossip,
fleeting moments, and performances that are meant to be interacted with
by those within its epistemological sphere—while evaporating at the
touch of those who would eliminate queer possibility."

From Ephemera as evidence
by josé Esteban munos


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research Residency at Rosa
with just for the record



with my collective Just for the record we will be doing a 3-month research residency at Rosa, a brussels-based center of expertise, library and archive for gender equality and feminism, To develop ways of recording our pasts and futures, all to be presented at an event and exhibition in September 2018.